Outreach Community Center

Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Education

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The Outreach Community Center, a non-profit organization, is the brainchild of a man who had a genuine desire to serve and assist those who suffer from the disease of substance abuse and addiction.

In 1985, The Outreach Community Center was revolutionized in the home of the Founder, CEO, Herman Dailey. As time passed, meetings and counseling services were offered at a variety of community facilities in the inner city of Rochester, NY.

In the fall of 1990, the center was able to purchase its own facility at 447 Genesee Street; thru the many thanks and private donations from over 2,000 people who have been served.
The goal of the Outreach Community Center is to successfully continue assisting alcoholic and substance abused individuals and their families by recognizing, treating and healing their addictions.

The Outreach Community Center is associated with The United Way Foundation. All donations are greatly appreciated and may be submitted with a donor card by specifying the Outreach Community Center ID # 2112 .

The purpose of the Outreach Community Center is to provide:
  • Direction in obtaining and maintaining sobriety
  • A Forum for active and non-active substance abusers to interact in group settings
  • A structured educational program focusing on prevention methods and achieving sobriety
  • Instruction in employment development skills for entry level jobs in the workforce
  • A facility used for discussions and meetings of the 12 steps of AA / NA

Things are so much different in my life now. I am a productive member of society as opposed to one feeding off of it. I owe so much to God and what I have learned at the Outreach Community Center.
Peter E. Alves, Owner
- MacTech Computer Services
The knowledge I learned about addiction from a spiritual standpoint is what kept me clean and sober. The most important lesson I learned from attending meetings at the Center was that God forgave me for the things I did in the past, and provided me the tools that I need in order to have abundant life now and in the future. I thank God for jesus, my salvation, and His Word!
Unknown Author
- Blessed Christian
I'm a new, worthwhile person today. I'm delivered, healed, free from self-inflicted missery.
Mario H.
- Center Participant
Bishop Herman L. and Elaine Dailey
Contact & Address
447 Genesee St.
Rochester, NY 14611

Phone: 585 328-0887
Fax: 585 382-3132

Website: http://www.outreachcommunitycenter.com
Email: outreac1@rochester.rr.com
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