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There is always something of value to talk about, research and discover. We've done studies, held workshops and written about things that we think, matter. We have been moved by the people we've met. Some of their stories, projects and successes will be shared here. So check back regularly, to see what's been added or expanded upon. You may learn something new and/or find something worth keeping. This is just one more way the Outreach Community Center can enlighten and encourage you.

Encouragement for Children

illustrated by Mario Reid ©

Published 2008

The Power of a Child

Empowerment Against Child Abuse

This candid yet child friendly book encourages children to stand up for themselves against predators. Janet Steele is a molestation survivor with a passion for children who find themselves in situations similar to her's. In the book's opening proclamation, she states, "when we are young our voices are sometimes, actually too many times, not heard." Steele wants to prevent every child from having to struggle with the emotional trauma that results from abuse. She battles some of the assumptions that allow abusers to succeed and encourages children to tell somebody. Cover page page page The book is nicely illustrated by Mario Reid and published by Xlibris. To get a copy, contact the Center Monday through Thursday, 585 328-0887.

Recent Articles List

15 August, 2013

Perinatal Network of Monroe County

The goal of the Perinatal Network of Monroe County is to improve the perinatal health care system in Monroe county with a particular emphasis on access to an utilization of health and human services to improve pregnancy outcomes. Read more

12 June, 2013


Vacation Bible School has evolved into a multi-faceted program that offers children more activities than our parents and grandparents were accustomed to. At OCC, VBS seeks to provide kids with stimulation they may not receive at home. Read more

1 February, 2013

Ten Ways to Protect Against Memory Loss

Research has shown that everyone will experience some form of memory loss in their life. But there are things we can do to help minimize the extent of it. We have listed a number of things that will help us keep our minds sharp as we age. Read more

16 January, 2013

The Youth Department Discovers Washington, DC

With its rich American and African-American history, a trip to the country's capitol was on the youth department's must do list. The children were able to see and learn about great men and women who sacrificed to make this country what it is today. They will never be the same. Read more

25 December, 2012

Using the Spirit to Heal the Mind

A program developed by the U of R for ministers in the underserved African-American and Hispanic communities provides information about issues that impact mental health. Ministers can attend 12 weeks of sessions aimed at equipping them with resources to better serve their congregations. Read more

Making Waves
Popular Articles

A 12 Step Journey
to Freedom

If you're struggling with addiction, the Outreach Community Center's 12 step Sobriety Recovery Program offers an excellent place to begin your journey toward physical, spiritual and emotional healing.Read more

One Child At A Time

The Youth Department aims to take each child by the hand and teach him/her principles that will serve them well throughout their lives through a vibrant mentor program and numerous youth activities. Investing now will pay off later as these young people grow into adults. Read more

Team Outreach
Written and Illustrated by Marlin T. Boga
Marlin Boga, a former client of the Center demonstrates his talent and appreciation for for Bishop Dailey in his book, "Team Outreach". The story of his transformation is chronicled in comic book style with detail and bursts of emotion. This honest depiction is a testimony and if you would like to have a copy, contact the Center to purchase one.
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