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Annual Banquet 2009

Every Year, in November, the Outreach Community Center sponsors a banquet to celebrate the goodness of God and the successes of participants and programs. It's a night of song, dance and testimonies. We are not shy about thanking God. And there are other opportunities to get together. We have a garage sale on Saturdays during the warm months. We also get together for picnics and youth events. Sharing time, meals annd stories fosters a strong sense of community where all are welcome.

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Bishop Herman L. Dailey
Thanks everyone for their financial support over the years.
Johnnie Laws
Pastor, Church of God by Faith in Sodus, NY doing the welcome address.
Al Phillips
Keynote speaker delivering a moving and powerful Testimony.
Ruben Lowry
Board Member
Sylvia Sorenson
Director, PRIDE University
Ann Floyd
Outreach Community Center Youth Coordinator
Darryl W. Porter
Assistant to Mayor Duffy
Joe Robach
New York State Senator - 56th District
Janet Steele
Talks about the book she authored.
Dan Maloney
President UAW Local 1097
Elaine Dailey
Vice President of Outreach Community Center
Elaine Dailey
Mistress of Ceremony
Desarie Holmes
Title to come.
Elaine Dailey
Special Recognition presentation
Elaine Dailey
Special Recognition presentation
Banquet Attendees
Enjoying the music.
Butch Chatman and His Spiritual Jubilators
Providing a musical interlude.
Terence Bruce
Playing Taps
Michael Bruce
a successful recording artist, brings everyone to their feet.
Butch Chatman and His Spiritual Jubilators
Rendering a moving gospel tribute.
Butch Chatman and His Spiritual Jubilators
Rendering a moving gospel tribute.
Bishop Dailey with Rose from Experience Works.
Bishop Dailey with Mr. sharp from Baden Street Settlement House Workforce Development
Bishop Dailey with Michael Falligan, a Black Scholar.
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16 images  |  Summers 2008 and 2009  |  Photography

Even though there's a lot of serious work that goes on at the Center, it's just as important to kick back and have some fun. Staff and their family members get grills going, gather around tables and relax in the shade. Good food and good stories mingle to create the perfect afternoon.

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Summer Garage Sales

9 images  |  Summer 2009  |  On-site Photography

Neighbors and people throughout the city were able to find great bargains among donated items. Clothes, shoes, coats, hats, glasswear, small appliances, furniture, even organs and pianos were available for sale at minimal prices. Much of the clothing was brand new with tags, having been donated by department stores. The money raised from these sales goes to help needy families and finance the Center's activities..

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You're Invited To…

Enroll Your Children

VBS provides lessons for Life

The whole month of June is awash with smiles and giggles at the Outreach Community Center. Children come from around the city to play, learn and share in what VBS has to offer. Here, they can be themselves and explore what it means to be in community. Of course, they learn how precious they are to God, but that's not all. They begin to develop an appreciation for the gifts God has given them and the importance of sharing them. Your child will learn and have fun doing it. Enrollment begins in May. Read more

Become a Mentor

and Help Make a Difference

Here at the Center, we believe in investing in people. And the best way to improve the quality of life in our community is to come along side a struggling teen, family or ex-offender to help them navigate the challenges that may arise as they endeavor to become Productive citizens. With strategically placed responsible mentors, it is reasonable to expect a rise in graduation rates, a drop in teen pregnancies and gang violence, and fewer repeat offenders. If you have a desire to become a mentor, contact the Center. Read more

Take Part

in OCC's Informational Workshops

During the course of the year, the Outreach Community Center offers a number of informational workshops and studies that are open to the public. You can learn about how to manage diabetes and high blood pressure, where to obtain caregiver support, how to avoid memory loss, and discuss a host of other pertinent issues that can impact the quality of your life. To find out what is on the calendar in the coming months contact the Center or check the news page. Read more

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