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Deals, Deals, Deals Everywhere!

During the warm days of spring, summer and fall, donations that have been made to the Center are arranged on rack and in boxes, tagged and placed in the garage and on the lot for sale. It's one of the ways the Center brings money in to fund its numerous programs and provide assistance to needy families and people struggling with substance abuse. Donations are always welcome. Clothing, canned goods, small appliances, housewares and other items are greatly appreciated. Much of it is given away to people in desperate need. But when some one is able to purchase something, the money is put to good use.

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Racks of clothes Ready for Sale
A volunteer helping customers find what they want
Racks and Boxes
A shopper wades the the selection of items for sale.
Racks of Clothes Ready for Sale
Just some of the items that have been donated to the Center.
Next to New Shirts
A shopper looks through racks of shirts.
A Good Day to Shop
These shoppers took several items with them.
New Suits, Shirts and Blouses
A shopper looks through the wide selection.
Boxes of Shoes and Houseware for Sale
Bishop Dailey helps shoppers find the items they want.
Men's and Women's Suits
A shopper looking through the racks.
Men's and Women's Suits
Many of these items are new and have never been worn.
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