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Our History

The Founders Veteran's Day, 1985 Surrounded by approximately 50 substance abusers; in the cold city of Buffalo, New York, and the Spirit of God began to speak to the heart of Herman Dailey.

The room began to clear, the sound of the many voices quickly faded. The meeting was over but not the words of God; they were still present and quite clear. Where will these people go when they leave here? They will go back into the world...the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Herman, we need an outreach, we need to reach out to the people.

Given permission by his home pastor, District Superintendent, Elder D.C. Rourk, Evangelist Dailey contacted four other Believers in Christ and in the Fall of 1985, the support group "Outreach" was founded.

Using Luke 10:1-2 as its cornerstone, Outreach began reaching out to the inner city of Rochester, New York. Within three months, the people who had entered Outreach's substance abuse treatment center found Salvation in Christ while being treated or after. The former substance abusers credit Outreach as the main reason they obtained help and are able to remain substance-free!

How is Outreach able to do such an anointed work? The answer, Evangelist Herman Dailey, Outreach's President. He himself, a former substance abuser as well as the perpetrator of crimes; in what is known to as Rochester's "Red Light District".

What led him to substance abuse? How did he finally quit? Herman was an adolescent when his father died and his mother was left alone with the difficult task of raising her eleven young children alone in a small town in Florida.

Yet, being a Godly woman, she held her family together. However, Herman couldn't understand his mother's trust in God or her Christ-like ways and continuously rebelled against his upbringing. During the Vietnam War, Herman was drafted into the military and sent overseas. His rebellious attitude grew as did his involvement with substance abuse. Upon completing his tour of duty, Herman! Returned to the United States and found employment at General Motors.

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