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The Kimberly House


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A safe place to live helps promote peace of mind, epsecially when you know you have the support you need to improve the quality of your life
May 25, 2013  |  Housing Support

The Kimberly House was establish in 2013 for the purpose of providing emergency and/or supportive housing to women of all ages who are in need of a safe haven. Here a holistic approach is taken to provide the residents with a foundation upon which they can rebuild their lives and become productive members of society. Women who are experiencing stresses in the home, workplace or are facing medical challenges, can receive counseling and any necessary referral services through the Outreach Community Center. Residents will enjoy a newly remodeled enterior with a formal dining area, living room, spacious kitchen and their own furnished bedroom with a television.

We want this house to be a refuge, a safe haven, and a place for regeneration
Elaine Dailey

The Kimberly House is the result of a passion Bishop Herman Daileyand his wife, Elaine have shared for quite some time now. There is a need in the community for this kind of support for women. But most homes of this kind are not as homey and lack the warm comfortable atmosphere that is found here. The remodeling and decorating of the home has been Elaine's project from start ot finish so, of course, the house has the luxury of a woman's touch. The three bedroom home can accomodate three single women. There is a washing machine and dryer in the basement for free laundry service.

On the second floor - The bathroom is centrally located and easily accessed from each bedroom.

Renting a room at the Kimberly house is very reasonable since there is no additional fee for gas and electricity. Food for the home is provided by the food pantry at the Outreach Community Center headquarters on Genesee street. The rules for living here are few so that the residents don't feel like they are under pressure. Needless, to say, there are no drugs or alcohol allowed in the house and it is a smoke free environment. No men are allowed so that women who have suffered abuse of any kind at the hands of a man can feel comfortable. Children and husbands can not be accomodated here. For the woman who simply needs to recover and regroup, this is the perfect place.

When new tenants are selected for the house, attention is given to compatibility. Elaine always makes sure that the residents are a good fit for each other. This ensures that the women have the advantage of being able to develop healthy, lasting friendships that can endure even after they have moved on to housing in other places. The whole idea is to help the ladies who live here improve their lives. Under the watchful eye of the Center's knowledgeable staff, residents of The Kimberly House are equipped with the tools to reestablish themselves and go on to succeed in all areas of their lives.  

Denise P. Logan
- writer
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